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It was a perfect holiday weekend for The Professor and me; for several years, we’ve hosted a July 4th party at our home with 20+ invited guests.  A whole lotta food and many hours later, we’re spent but very, very happy and content knowing we have such great family and friends.  Last year’s July 4th, we were in Connecticut and didn’t have our party; this year we’ve traveled quite a bit and are now in the process of updating our dining room so we didn’t plan a party . . . not a big party anyway . . . but the perfect party for two which included these lovely Vietnamese Cupcakes.

The recipe comes from TastingTable and, having no experience with Vietnamese cooking whatsoever, I had no idea what made this recipe ‘Vietnamese’ – cake, a glaze which consists of cream, sweetened condensed milk and espresso, then frosting which also includes the same ingredients as the glaze, cooked to a spreadable consistency.  Another call out to Twitter and I had my answer:  Kim, of Rustic Garden Bistro, tweeted back ‘the Viet people have a VERY strong French influence. The espresso/condensed milk is a true Viet concoction.’

The cake is a sponge-type of cake – made light and airy by whipping the egg whites before adding the yolks; the flour is sifted and folded into the batter before pouring into cupcake liners and baked.  The cakes are glazed and then frosted; the best part (in my humble opinion), is that the cupcakes are ‘regular’ size – meaning not those gargantuan-sized cupcakes that would feed a Third-world country.  No, these are a smaller, 3-4 bite cupcake layered with a sweet/espresso flavor that is perfect for those times when you just need ‘a little sweet somethin’ – enjoy them with a cup of coffee or with David Lebovitz’ Vietnamese-Coffee Ice Cream as we did . . . that’s another post entirely but suffice it to say that Mr. Lebovitz is the Grand Poo-bah when it comes to ice cream!

And you have the perfect ending to a perfect party for two . . .


  1. Is this recipe correct in saying that you need only 1/2 C. flour??? Seems like too little, so I wanted to check first. Otherwise, they sound so yummy and my hubby and I enjoy coffee
    flavored anything! Thanks.

    • Hi Bonnie ~ yes, 1/2 cup flour is correct; these have more of a sponge-cake texture than the usual cakey texture of a regular cupcake. They’re fabulous!! Thanks for stopping by

  2. Debra, I love vietnamese coffee – love that you created cupcakes with that idea! They look wonderful 🙂

  3. These look absolutely delightful! Delicious. I can’t wait to try them. I’m up for anything with Vietnamese coffee.

  4. I love vietnamese coffee and I love cupcakes so this is a no brainer for me! I LOVE them! 🙂

  5. These look amazing. I can’t wait to try these! Awesome photos as well

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  7. Oh my god HOW did I miss these!? I love condensed milk ( I was a hardcore addict for a whil there, on half a can a day, kid you not) and this may cause a relapse. I’ll send you the bill if I end up at The Betty.

  8. what a great combination–the cupcakes and the coffee ice cream!

  9. Debi ~ they are some of the best cupcakes I’ve had!

  10. Oooh..these look spectaular, and would make a delicious dessert!

  11. Awwww Audrey ~ I’m so happy you’re cooking more AND impressing your family; pretty soon you’ll be inspiring others which is a great thing!

  12. This looks UNREAL in the flavor department. I cannot wait to try to make these! I’ve been using so many of your recipes to impress family and friends this summer!

  13. Liren ~ I have just learned the sweet benefits of SCMilk – have been having Vietnamese Coffees all week!

  14. Wow, you must know, I have a secret (or not so secret) love for condensed milk. I can eat a whole can if I allowed myself. Mix this with coffee, and you’ve got me! I think I may make this for a dinner party over the weekend!

  15. Barbara ~ thought we’d make a batch & freeze some for later . . . good intentions, right??

  16. I am nearly speechless! These are fabulous! There’s nothing I love more than sweetened condensed milk…it makes everything delicious. And paired with espresso, it must be divine. Going to make these really soon….although I better take a pound or two off first! 🙂

  17. Elizabeth ~ these are addicting – but make them anyway!

  18. I want to shove my body into a freezer for a while and the thought of turning on my oven for any reason makes me want to hurl today, but those cupcakes look DAMN good.

  19. Brian ~ promise me you’ll make these – they will not disappoint!!

  20. While I normally wouldn’t immediately go for a coffee cupcake, having read your post, I’m sufficiently convinced that these would be absolutely delicious! Another brilliant entry, my friends… the pictures are stunning

  21. Kim is cute and fun – am looking forward to meeting her some day – and you too! Parties are fun, but quiet is nice too!

  22. Oh, these do look yummy! I like your party for two. We have been partying with the masses all weekend…ready for quite time!

    Kim is so cute! I met her at Camp Blogaway. 🙂

  23. Thanks so much Rebecca – it’s nice to have you stop by!

  24. wow I adore these love your site Rebecca

  25. Isabelle ~ you are a total crack up! I predict you will make these repeatedly – they’ll be your new best friend!

  26. I’m a total Vietnamese coffee addict… it tastes like a coffee milkshake, but it’s pure rocket fuel. 🙂
    Obviously, I’m all over these cupcakes like a fat kid on a smartie (or rather, I will be once it’s cool enough to use my oven again). Using the same ingredients to make a glaze/frosting is pure genius!

  27. yes Kim, you are correct – enough caffeine to keep one awake for hours! but man, so worth it!

  28. P.S. Love Bill Withers. 😉

  29. Oh, dear God; I must have died, ’cause I’m in heaven.

    You’ve outdone yourself with this one. 😉 WOW. You might want to add “caffeine” as a tag; three of these, and you won’t sleep for 36 hours.

    We also had a nice, quiet “Party of Two” for yesterday’s brouhaha. Wish I had some of these! We settled for movie theater popcorn to go with a matinee summer flick.

    Thanks for the shout-out! Always glad to spread knowledge of the Vietnamese culture. 😉


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