Musical Pairing – The Sounds of Gayles Bakery – Capitola, CA

It’s our last day in Santa Cruz; we’re off to San Francisco Saturday morning!  In the meantime, enjoy this pic from my favorite bakery – Gayle’s!  This wall mosaic is mounted at the back of the bakery and was created using broken ceramic pieces – stunning!  I also wanted to try and create the ambiance of the bakery, so we captured some actual audio at Gayle’s which is what you’re hearing – grab a cup of coffee or iced tea . . . peruse the beautiful food!

Dear Lord – this case holds the very key to happiness – well at least to MY happiness!  Everything from Rotisserie chicken cooked in the open pit in the picture below, to made-from-scratch mac-n-cheese, fresh corn frittata and everything in between.

Doesn’t it make your mouth water???

Every month Gayle’s creates a signature Ice Tea – this month it’s Raspberry Lemonade which is just perfect for sipping!

Didn’t get to try this but heavens-to-Betsy – seriously?!!

They say we eat with our eyes first . . . and I wanted one of everything Gayle’s Bakery had to offer; unfortunately, that would require me to walk the globe for the next 100 years to burn off those calories . . . but lemme tell you – it would totally be worth it!

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  2. Capitola Ex Pat

    I so love Gayle’s. Everytime I even so much as pass through Santa Cruz I have to stop. It used to be on my morning route (ok via a tiny detour) from home to office. Nothing started the day better than a Downtowner with sugar and their delicious coffee. Such an addict I request beans as Christmas gifts from friends that still live in the area. Just tried the key lime last week, and seriously TO DIE for. If you are able, you must go, key lime pie, berry tarts, schneckens, lemon poppy seed muffins with the slightest drizzle of tart lemon frosting….if Oregon wasn’t so gorgeous I’d move back just for Gayle’s!

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  4. If you’re ever back at Gayle’s again they have a “key lime pie for 2” smaller, more affordable (7.95, I think) and just as good, one of my FAVORITE key lime pies!! But then again, I don’t think I’ve had a bad thing there. Ever.

  5. Kim ~ We are having a blast in your home state and would love to come back soon!

    Rowdy ~ Those princess cakes were so beautiful!!

  6. Stunning pictures! I don’t even like cake and I want one of those princess cakes!

  7. Oh goodness, that key lime pie looks DELICIOUS! Hope you’re enjoying your time in my home state! [K]

  8. I want a Princess cake too Elle – they are just gorgeous!

    Rachel, that plate mosaic is even more stunning in person – I can only imagine the time it took to create as it looks to be AT LEAST 20 feet long!!

    Love that you feel like you’re there Jess – that’s what we hoped would translate; of course the real thing is even better!

  9. Oh my goodness, somebody mail me that key lime pie quick! And the Professor’s photos are just lovely, it almost makes me feel like I’m there for real.

  10. Agh you’re killing me here! Starters… I so love their plate wall. I want a wall that looks like that. Absolutely beautiful! The iced tea wow… I’ve made a bunch of different iced teas and lemonades but had yet to do that version. Must make one and it’s so pretty too. And the pie… I’m not sure I could bring myself to cut into something that looks so perfect. You’re making me hungry.

  11. Oh, i want a Princess Cake! And a Raspberry Lemonade Tea, too. Love the mosaic–it’s stunning!

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