Musical pairing – Who Let The Dogs Out? by Baha Men

I can’t tell you how much fun we’ve had hanging out at the beach and watching the dogs play – oh how I wish I had their boundless energy!  Actually, I’d take the energy of these two girls . . . woa baby!

‘Where is it?  Do you see it, do you see it?  Where oh where is that ball . . .’

‘I’m coming, I’m coming . . . pant, pant, pant . . . I’m coming . . .’

Oh. My. A little to the left please – this feels soooo good!

Smile for the camera!  Heaven!

Personally, this is my idea of heaven!


  1. Adorable! Let me know when you’re in SoCal. Britta the weimaraner would LOVE to take you down to the Dog Beach at Huntington Beach to play fetch. 😀 [K]

  2. Oh Marly ~ I wish those dogs were mine but alas, someone else is Master! And the bliss? Oh my!

    Maria ~ you would totally love those dogs!

    Mac ~ We are having a blast – will talk when we return!

    Brian ~ Every single day has been so lovely here in California – spectacular!

  3. I love that pic with your puppy’s legs straight up in the air like that. What bliss! We could all use some of that. So glad to see you’re having a great time. You deserve it!

  4. I love this post. Thanks for sharing! The doggies are too cute!

  5. Now there’s some “California Dreamin’ for ya! Hope you and The Professor are having as much fun on your trip as those pups are! Enjoy!

  6. Those are some happy pups! Our dog always has a blast on the beach. Looks like a lovely day!

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