52 Sundays; may 16, 2010

Normally, I only include one photo for my ‘silent sunday’ but Peonies are one of my all-time favorite flowers and this is what we came home to – what a welcoming committee!


  1. Peonies are my absolute FAVORITE flowers ever!

  2. What an amazing flower! We have some bright red peonies that are blooming right now. I love these flowers!

  3. Oh Kim ~ you will not be disappointed in having peonies in the RGBistro gardens – but plant lots of them as they are divine!


    Why doesn’t the RGBistro have peonies?? I shall be asking Mr. RGBistro tonight. 😉


  5. I’ve seen those magenta peonies Rachel – they are stunning! Better get that camera and snap away!

  6. I adore peonies. Mine are the magenta variety and the first one bloomed today! I better get out there with the camera tomorrow.

  7. How was London Sasa? I love my peonies BUT I’d love to be welcomed home with tomatoes too! Our plants are growing but no little ‘maters yet . . . that’s me tapping my impatient feet . . .

  8. These are gorgeous, I love peonies too. Wish we had such a welcome party on our return from London – our giant tomato plants did a good job though ;P

  9. darah, I LIVE for the moment our peonies bloom – the smell is so intoxicating and I just think they’re so beautiful! would love to have a magnolia tree but there is one just down the street that I drool over!

  10. ours are just about ready to pop – i’m SO excited!!

    there were three things i wanted in my yard when i owned my first home. forsythia, peonies and a magnolia tree. we have the first two and our next door neighbors have the third. love it!

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