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by Debra

Musical pairing –Take a Bow, Madonna

OK boys and girls – here’s a super-dooper, lickety-split, down and dirty recipe that I love so much, I made it twice in one week!  And to quote The Professor, “This slaw ROCKS – my new fav!!”(Notice the CAPS???  Means he likes it, he REALLY likes it!)

Creamy, peanutty, sesame, tart, sweet and salty combined with a big crunch factor – this has such complex flavors – it’s that perfect yin-yang that I’m always looking for in a great recipe!

I made the slaw the first time using a broccoli slaw mix and served it with marinated, grilled salmon – uh-huh! (The salmon recipe is coming soon, promise, as it truly is one of The Professor’s bestest-ever recipes!)  I made the recipe again using shredded cabbage and served it along side a bowl of Shrimp Wonton Soup for dinner one night and then as a main course for lunch during the week. The slaw would also pair nicely with any type of Asian-style BBQ or you can keep it completely vegetarian by serving along side Fried Wontons, Egg Drop Soup, vegetarian pot stickers, etc.

I made a full batch of the dressing but because there are just the two of us, dressed only the amount of salad I served for our meal.  The rest was saved for future salads and as I said, made it twice in one week – YUM!  As for how much sauce?  Stir in a small amount and see where you’re at; add more or less to your liking.  Personally, I’m not a fan of slaw swimming in sauce (or any type of salad swimming in dressing for that matter) so I tend to lean towards the lighter side but you can add a little or a lot – the world is your oyster, baby!  Or in this case, a sesame seed . . .


Do you have a favorite slaw recipe?  Come on, share – Leave me a comment!

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It’s such a great salad Patricia – I’m certain you’ll enjoy it!



That sounds delicious! I’m going to make it next week for sure. I love sesame oil in anything…



hmmmmm – this would make a lovely addition to Easter dinner.



Hi Debi – I can’t even tell you how good this is – REALLY! And this recipe will definitely have a regular rotation on our menu this summer! Welcome and hope to see your around often!


Debi(Table Talk)

I love tahini based dressings, and with the warm weather sneaking up on us, this salad will be perfect. I’m new here–love your blog!



Tresa ~ Tahini is a sesame see paste that you should be able to find at your regular grocery store either in the ‘international’ section or you might also find it with the ketchup/mayo/mustard area. If you don’t see it, ask a store clerk to help as it’s pretty common these days. It can be a bit pricey but I use Tahini quite a bit so always have it in my fridge. Enjoy and thanks for stopping in!


Tresa Bozell

I have never tried using rice vinegar and I don’t know what “Tahini” is but I am going to try this recipe. What a beautiful picture of the dish.



I am getting hungry that sounds delicious.


Kathleen Bower

I was hoping to find something new and zesty to make this weekend. This is it!


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