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I SCREAM, YOU SCREAM, WE ALL SCREAM FOR ICE CREAM!!!! Did you ever scream those words as a kid?  I sure did!  Was there an ice cream truck meandering through your neighborhood throughout the summer?  As a child, I remember hearing the tinkling of that bell and everyone would stop whatever it was we were doing and run hell-bent into the house (I’m certain we didn’t look both ways for cars) asking, begging, mom and dad for money so we could get ice cream.  I always chose the ‘Creamsicle’, my brother always wanted one of those red, white and blue rocketpops, my dad would flip between the Creamsicle and a Fudgesicle, I don’t remember what my mom or my sister chose . . . but my heart belonged to the Creamsicle – dreamy, creamy vanilla and orange swirls . . . ooooo this just takes me back . . . They still have ice cream trucks but I believe they’re all motorized now; whizzing through neighborhoods so fast it’s impossible for any kid to catch them – and I’m betting they don’t get much in sales.
Another one of my favorite ice cream memories is about my baby sister and her routine of Eddie Murphy’s, ‘Ice Cream Man’; she loved that routine so much, she memorized every single detail.  So whenever the ice cream truck would go by or we’d be talking about ice cream, she’d stand in the middle of the living room and perform the entire skit, verbatim, complete with body gestures, taunting the neighborhood kids with the ice cream cones that supposedly no one in the ‘hood could afford but Eddie.   And every single time she did that skit, my mom would laugh until tears streamed and then she’d beg my sister to do it all over again; we were all laughing at my mom . . .

A couple months ago I got an e-mail from one of my readers (hey Andrea!) asking if I took requests and if so, she wanted me to make this ice cream recipe which happens to come from a fellow blogger I follow.  Now if you have read my blog for a while, you’ll know that The Professor has a major sweet tooth – cookies, cakes, pies and ice cream being on that list.  I think ice cream is probably his most favorite . . . oh who am I kidding . . . whatever dessert is in front of him is his favorite!  But with ingredients that include browned butter, milk and cream, who can blame him?  I’m saying – ‘Game On!’

And the taste?  Let’s just say that this ice cream recipe goes down as probably one of, if not the best ice cream The Professor has ever made; decadent, silky and with a note of caramel that comes from browning all that butter, this really is the stuff dreams are made of!  We had our first bowl soft-serve, straight from the ice cream freezer topped with strawberries – delish!  We had our second bowl after the ice cream had been frozen overnight in our regular freezer and I must say I was sooooo delightfully surprised that it was still creamy, dreamy delicious – no grainy bits at all.  Hands down my favorite recipe and one that I can’t wait to play with by adding different ingredients and spices – who needs an Ice Cream man when you’ve got The Professor!!!

Head over to Chez Pim’s for the recipe, but inquiring minds (that would be me) want to know – What’s your favorite flavor of ice cream?


  1. YAY for my baby sister! You still make me laugh and yes, you should DEFINITELY make this ice cream! xoooxx

  2. funny funny…. I still absolutely L-O-V-E ice cream. If I could get away with it, I would eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner & still have it for desert. Why not? There’s fruit, you can add nuts, or hey they now say dark chocolate is actually good for you right? I have even heard of a green tea ice cream. Any way, big sis…. John and I are excited to try the brown butter ice cream. Thanks!

  3. I love, love, love this story Darcie! Such good memories to cherish and wonderful grandparents to boot – thanks so much for sharing!

  4. Ice cream certainly conjures memories of musical trucks and a screaming panic that it would disappear around the corner before your mom could find her purse! But for me, ice cream reminds me of spending time with my grandparents at their ice cream store – McCoy’s Ice Cream & Malt Shoppe – in Chesterfield, IN when I was a kid. Some might call me the luckiest grandkid in the world as I got to have ANYTHING I wanted WHENEVER I wanted. And most often that was a chocolate chip milk shake. They sponsored my softball team for years and dished out free cones whenever we won a game (how’s that for incentive?). And when we won the tournament, it was a banana split party for everyone! I cherish those days.

  5. You are correct – and yes, dear sister who just had a birthday yesterday, THAT was a lloooonnnnggggg time ago! Luv you xxooxx

  6. I must remind you that our earliest neighborhood ice cream vendors were not trucks, but rather boys/men riding bicycles with small freezers in the front. They would come through the streets ringing a bell attached to a string and all of the neighborhood kids would stop whatever we were doing (playing “kick the can” most likely) and mob the ice cream man. Man was that a long time ago.

  7. Aren’t creamsicles the best?!! I want one now!

  8. Thanks for the jaunt down memory lane! I loved the ice cream so much, and was a creamsicle fan, too. Now I somehow find the ice cream truck a little creepy…

  9. Christine ~ THAT would be something The Professor would do!!

  10. I like mint chocolate chip ice cream swirled with some peanut butter.

  11. I’d say even better in Provence!!! Thanks Kim – I’m sure I’m acting all geeky about this but it’s pretty exciting stuff!

  12. Chocolate and mint. Even better when served by a handsome garcon in the heart of Provence on a sunny afternoon! Oh, I miss France!!!!

    P.S. BEAUTIFUL picture, congrats!!!

  13. Kaitlin ~ Tell me about the growing list of ‘recipes to make’! This whole world of foodblogging is fun, no?

    Beth ~ I totally forgot about Rocky Road ice cream!!! And thanks so much for celebrating my first photo on FG – even better that I can share the experience with my fellow foodies!

  14. I could eat any ice cream by the carton but I go crazy for Rocky Road (Or Heavenly Hash). I think it’s because I have so rarely that it drives me crazy when I finally get it. Oh &anything lemony is wonderful. When the ice cream man would come down the street I’d get a lemon Italian Ice.

    *and yea for the pic being on FG!!!

  15. Oh wow! This looks so amazing – great photos! I haven’t seen this recipe before, but I am adding it to my list of ice creams to make this summer.

    This list is getting pretty long… Haha

  16. The feeling of eating ice cream in summer is is so wonderful.

  17. Nancy ~ Did you know that vanilla is the number one flavor of ice cream consumed in the world? True!

    Sweetlife ~ meeeee tooooooo!

    mgm ~ Dessert first!!! Dessert first!!! YAY for dessert first!

  18. Oh yummy nummy! we wanna waddle over to your place for dessert. and as that saying goes “life is short; eat desserts first”. no need for entree w this scrumptous ice cream to scream for.

  19. I am sweetlife and I will devour any flavor of ice cream…haha great post…too funny!!


  20. Vanilla ice cream in all of it’s delicious simplicity is my all-time favorite. Lovely photos and great writing to boot.

  21. OMGosh – Orange-Cardamom & Star Anise – I’m dying!! I bet that is absolutely wonderful!!

  22. Great recipe… I’ll definately be trying it soon. I recently recieved an ice cream maker as a gift and have been going crazy with experimentation! I never realized how much I enjoyed the goodies until I started making my own! Its soo easy… I blogged about my first time doing it. Of all the flavors I’ve tried thus far, I think my favs are: mango-ginger, orange-cardamom & star anise!

  23. I bet dad was a cute ice cream driver! Mmmmmm Frazier’s orange/vanilla swirl cone . . . are those ringing bells I hear?

  24. Alas, Dad and I started The Professor on his wayward ice cream path. (Do you want to go to Newby’s for a cone?) Newby’s even named a dog dish of ice cream after our dog! But Dad and I grew up BEFORE ice cream trucks. There were boys on bicycle-driven ice cream wagons! Dad even had an ice cream wagon route as a kid. They were easier to catch! Debra, this evening we went to Frazier’s for a orange/vanilla swirl cone! Jealous?

  25. Avery ~ A girl after my own heart – ice cream just rocks, plain and simple!

  26. P.S. Great pictures! These are beautiful!

  27. I love black raspberry chip! And mint chocolate chip. And strawberry. And tiramisu gelato….

    And this brown-butter-deliciousness. I haven’t even tried it and I’m already sold.

  28. Misty ~ Isn’t it wild that one could buy ice cream in a store but heavens, if it came from that ice cream TRUCK, it was somehow the most sublime tasting stuff ever! And Chunky Monkey is one of my favs as is anything by Ciao Bella!

  29. Great stories! Where I grew up there weren’t ice cream trucks, so when we visited my grandparents getting something from the ice cream truck was a special treat. When we heard the circus music coming from the truck as it made its way down the road, we’d run inside to beg whatever adult was available to buy us a treat, and they usually did. I don’t remember what I got, but I do remember getting It’s Its with a friend when we were older.

    Nowadays I’m loving Chunky Monkey, mint chocolate chip, or Ciao Bella’s blackberry Cabernet sorbet!

  30. TripleScoop – uhm, now that The Professor knows your site exists . . . I think I’m in trouble here!!! Thanks for stopping by and we’ll be seeing YOU over on your site!

  31. Great ice cream story! I’m always a sucker for a great mint-n-chip.

  32. Maria ~ I think ice cream is a universal language, or at least it should be! Chocolate Hazelnut or Almond Toffee – uh, yes that would be yum!

  33. I still scream for ice cream:) My favorite is chocolate hazelnut or almond toffee! YUM!

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