by Debra on January 28, 2014

So these little bites came about because The Professor and I both really enjoy Indian food – and we don’t make it at home – although I’m not sure why. I think it’s probably more a mindset than execution – and we don’t have any cookbooks covering this particular cuisine. But it’s a lovely marriage when curry, garam masala and chili peppers meld together with the tang and creaminess of yogurt and . . . well, just typing the words and I’m like Pavlov’s dog.

You know there’s a very big football game happening very soon, yes? Chili, chips, chicken wings, dips and beer will be free-flowing at most parties. And potato skins are another fan favorite – but sometimes the bacon, cheese and sour cream can feel a little heavy and overwhelm my tastebuds. These Indian-style skins are lightened up a bit in the fat department but the flavor is PDA – pretty darn awesome!


Spices warmed in a skillet and then blended with bits of cauliflower, jalapeno hummus and frozen peas – a dollop of chutney brings everything together into one terrific potato skin . . . and don’t tell anyone . . . but you don’t need a football game to enjoy these!