by Debra on June 17, 2013

The Professor and I have done our fair share of entertaining; we don’t as much anymore as our family has aged, college life has spread us about and schedules seem to be busier than ever. And even though there aren’t as many people sitting at our table as often, a couple of rules remain the same:  whatever we serve at a party, needs to feed a crowd and the recipe needs to be make-ahead so we have time to enjoy our guests.


Most of our entertaining happens during the summer months when the weather in Central Indiana is mostly blue skies and warm temperatures; we have an above-ground pool, a large yard and large deck that makes for some great entertaining. The Big Green Egg almost always has burgers grilling, colorful beach towels are laid out with flip-flops nearby; teams are divided up for a game of Bocce Ball and a few Beach Boy tunes spin on the playlist. There is plenty of splashing and sunscreen to go around – even the little ones are entertained with a kiddie pool of their own. Summer entertaining is one of the best times to spend the day catching up – we’ve often dreamed of having a summer movie night with popcorn and cotton candy but that hasn’t happened yet.

We’re headed off to New York on a shoot but when we return, we have a couple of dinner parties planned – one of which will consist of Carnita tacos with gluten-free flour tortillas and a variety of toppings; our appetizer will be this chilled gazpacho which comes together incredibly quick and is quite easy given that I start with two of Sabra’s fresh salsas. No prepping or chopping veggies, I just add a bit of lemon juice, sherry vinegar, olive oil and some day-old gluten-free bread. Whizz everything in the blender until smooth, chill for a couple of hours or overnight and it’s a party!


The Professor and I love Sabra hummus but gotta say, their fresh salsas are terrific; and you can do more than dip chips with it – although that’s pretty great too – this salsa is pimp!

*Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Sabra. I am being compensated to develop a recipe and share information about Sabra Salsas with you; however, all opinions are strictly my own.