52 sundays; october 21, 2012

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by Debra

The Professor and I are in beautiful Seattle once again – we’re finishing up a couple of projects with Shauna and Danny and had the pleasure of spending a Saturday visiting friends for a day of cider pressing.

Everyone knows that cider pressing is hard work . . . in the mind of a 4-year-old, tossing apple chunks into a machine where the adults are turning the crank is an adventure and requires a good breakfast at a favorite local restaurant.

Coffee, camera and dreidels are a normal part of the landscape . . .

Making good cider also requires friends with an apple orchard, a ladder and lots of friends . . .

Making good cider also requires mom and dad helpers . . .

Making good cider also requires at least one four-legged friend . . .

Making good cider requires hats, coats, scarves, a big barn, a cider press and a teensy bit of patience – today was a great day.

Enjoy your Sunday!


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Any job when done with friends becomes more enjoyable and less stressful. Beautiful photographs, as always!




love this. pressing cider is wonderful, especially when shared and done as a family. That little girl is lucky that she’ll have countless memories like this when she gets older. And people to document with love and care.


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