by Debra on September 6, 2012

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Musical pairing – Multiply by Jamie Lidell

There are two kinds of ‘beet’ camp – lover or hater . . . there just doesn’t appear to be an ‘in between’ . . . and we fall squarely in the lover camp. I must admit that eating ‘pickled’ or ‘sweet’ from a can was my beet of choice as a child; in fact, I’m not sure I even knew what a ‘whole-beet-from-the-garden’ looked like until I was an adult.

The Professor and I have planted rows of heirloom beets in our garden and we pick them up at our local Farmer’s Market nearly every week for as long as they’re in season. Roasted, pickled, grated raw in salads, beets are in our top-10 list of favorite veggies. Cooked and mashed, beets can be added to cakes or pancakes. And we’ve been known to enjoy a smoothie for breakfast every now and again.

This beet dip caught my eye because of it’s drop-dead gorgeous color; but the sweet-spicy flavor of chiles and maple syrup pairs beautifully with the scallion and the tang of the goat cheese; the herbiness of za’atar brings it all together – I’m already planning to make this again for our holiday table!