by Debra on March 13, 2012

The Professor and I just returned from a trip to Ohio and although we were on the road quite a bit, we couldn’t have asked for a more enjoyable four days spent with a terrific group of people.

We wanted to give you a teensy taste of what’s to come over the next couple of weeks and by the time we’re finished we hope you’ll hop in the car or book a flight because there is something for everyone.

Buggies rule in Amish Country; we enjoyed a ride in the rain with a young Amish mother and gardener who gave us a tip on how to grown nice straight, fat carrots: make a mound of dirt and flatten the top down; scatter your seeds and when those seeds begin to sprout, take a wide-tooth rake through the whole lot. It might look like you’ve pulled them all up but in the end you’ll have a crop of big, fat lovely carrots!

We saw plenty of clothes drying the old-fashioned way – the sun! I don’t know about you, but I think there’s nothing better than bedsheets that are lined dried – the fresh scent alone is enough to have me dreaming of summers in a hammock with a good book.

And of course there are plenty of bakeries scattered about – you never know when the urge might strike and you simply must have a freshly baked hand-pie or a sweet roll!

For religious reasons, the Amish don’t like to have their picture taken and we were trying to be very careful and respectful of that request; on our buggy ride, our driver told us that they would be milking cows in the barn and to have our camera ready. As we clip-clopped past the open barn door, The Professor thought he was taking a picture of cows but alas, this little guy was standing in the doorway.

Look at the size of that Whoopie Pie she’s making!

Pretty jars of preserves – some have little decorated hats while others don’t – but they all taste good!

That’s it for now but we do have so much more to share with you; 3 great inns: Inn at Honey Run, The Inn at Cedar Falls and Murphin Ridge Inn . . . each having its own vibe, each in a different part of Ohio . . . each with a story to tell . . . oh, and did I mention that they all have spectacular food? Hold on to your hats because that’s when it gets really exciting!