by Debra on August 3, 2011

Musical pairing – Gimme The Good Stuff by Trisha Yearwood

Will you do me a favor and just make these today? I mean like really, today? Because if you don’t, you’ll be one sorry person when the day comes that you actually do make these ever-so-cheesy, tender, melt-in-your-mouth potatoes . . . with pimento . . . because then you’ll become aware of the error of your ways by waiting so long . . . and I really don’t want to say ‘I told you so’ but . . . I might . . . and then I’d have to ask for forgiveness . . .

I sure wish I could say that my mother made these potatoes for me when we lived in the little house on Ankeny street, but unfortunately I can’t; the closest thing I ever ate with pimento in it was a cheese spread one stuffed into celery. My palate wasn’t as refined then as it is now (said completely tongue-in-cheek with an added eye roll) and I thought pimento was absolutely the grossest thing ever created!

But my mother made all sorts of wonderful potatoes that I dearly, dearly loved . . . trouble is, I’ve never met a potato I didn’t like . . . wait. That’s not quite true. Because I abhor what I call ‘plastic spuds’ – you know, the ‘art-ih-fish-ull’ ones? Nope. Not a fan of those a’tall.  But I do enjoy real potatoes baked with butter, baked with butter and sour cream, baked with butter, sour cream and broccoli, baked with butter, sour cream, broccoli, bacon . . . and cheese . . . mashed potatoes, potatoes smashed and whipped with milk, whipped with cream, whipped with cream and chives . . . you see my problem?

So I guess you could say that I’m somewhat of a potato aficionado . . . and when I tell you that you should make these pronto, you should listen. Unless of course you don’t like potatoes in which case you can stop reading now and go about your business . . .