by Debra on July 12, 2011

Musical pairing – Time And Tide by Basia

Frittata’s are one of those recipes that really doesn’t have to be a recipe – primarily because you can make a frittata with nearly anything in your refrigerator . . . including little bits of leftovers.

Whip up a few eggs, add some milk or cream, salt, pepper and then let your imagination run wild; I usually shoot for some kind of green like broccoli, kale, or swiss chard and then go from there. Fingerling or other type of small potatoes, mushrooms, squash or green onions are always a hit and a variety of cheeses will work as well. And if you simply cannot do without meat, add some bacon lardons, ham or sausage crumbles – proscuitto works too.

Frittatas are super quick, no pie crust to mess with and can be served at room temperature – a plus during the summer months when you don’t want to turn your oven on during the day. Just cook the night before and refrigerate; the next day, set on the counter and let come to room temp – toss a little salad and you have a terrific lunch. And believe it or not, simple frittatas can be elegant enough for a fancy brunch or cocktail parties – what’s not to love about that?!

Here’s one of our favorites ~