by Debra on March 8, 2011

Musical pairing – Born to Be Wild by Steppenwolf

The Professor is on Spring Break and we’re headed to Savannah for our very first ‘Go Savor’ event; we’ll meet up with Amy and Robyn as well as several other talented bloggers and we’ll be savoring the good stuff Savannah has to offer! I have 24 hours to finish my laundry, clean off my work desk, clean my house (where is that maid we were supposed to hire . . . uhm, that would be us) I must decide what I’m wearing to said event, load up the car and then we’re headin’ down the highway . . .


In the meantime, The Professor and I are enjoying a week of celebrating our anniversary and you can’t celebrate an anniversary without some sort of celebratory toast. And because I’m so. over. winter. . . .  and because I’m seeing luscious, ruby-red-with-the-heady-scent-of-sweet-sugar strawberries . . . and because I long for bright blue sunny skies . . . I’m going to share this ridiculously easy but oh-my-goodness-tasty frozen cocktail.

Have I used enough hyphens and ‘. . .’ in this post yet?

Not too sweet, not too tart, as Goldilocks would say, ‘It’s juuuust right!’

Blend one of these babies and have a toast with me and The Professor – Cheers!

By the way, if you need an awesome new blender, Go Savor is giving away a Blendtec Blender – pretty sweet deal, so head over!