by Debra on February 9, 2011

We had the privilege to meet Krista Tevar of Sugar Cupcakery and her team this past summer when we asked if she’d be willing to chat with us about the very sweet life in a cupcake shop . . . I say that somewhat tongue-in-cheek because I know how hard Krista and her team work but I also know how much she loves serving quality, organic cupcakes to the people of her community.  And if Krista seems a bit familiar, you may have seen her on Food Network’s Cupcake Wars – she and her sister Karla came in second but not to worry, they’re doing just fine!

Take a behind-the-scenes peek at Sugar Cupcakery in the short video below – oh, and be sure to check out the fabulous links for cupcakes from around the web at the bottom of the post – you really don’t want to miss those!

Once again, our summer intern Avery was with us and here are her thoughts about the day!

The purple building on a corner in the quaint downtown of Milford, Ohio, is the perfect, unassuming place for a cupcake palace. Once inside, everything is dyed shades sweeter by the tempting scents that waft from the kitchen into the store front. The aptly named Sugar Cupcakery, recently featured on the Food Network show Cupcake Wars, is like a spun-sugar creation all in itself. Shell-and-crystal chandeliers dangle over tables, cool stripes of blue and purple decorate the walls, and fresh bouquets of flowers are arranged on the tables and counters to prepare for the store’s opening at 11.

Through the double doors into the kitchen, a warm yellow workshop is revealed. Trays of cupcakes line the work table, awaiting their turn to fall under a skillfully-wielded pastry bag: soft billows of icing crowns each already-decadent creation. Dark, chocolatey cakes receive clouds of white cream cheese frosting. Pale beauties are finished with shavings of white chocolate. Raspberries and pink icing create the perfect accompaniment to the lemony base they adorn. It seems hardly possible that the humble boxes of organic flour and bags of powdered sugar, the bottles of agave nectar and containers of coconut could have been so magically combined as to create these divine-looking pastries.

The finished products—all organic and many vegan or gluten-free—are placed temptingly in the display cases below the store’s counter. Sugar Cupcakery was born when owner and head-cupcake-maker Krista Tevar began to think about how she could find treats for her newborn son that would satisfy both his sweet-tooth and her motherly concern for his health. Krista began the shop with help from her sister, Karla Jennings, who lives and works in Atlanta as a designer and helped put together the cupcakery’s sleek, coordinated look. The pair also competed together on Cupcake Wars, an experience that was at once a challenge, a surprise, and a boon. Krista and Karla, though they came in second in the Food Network competition, still think they have a winning combination. The sisters would both like the cupcakery to expand, both in terms of the variety of desserts it sells and as a franchise. Karla has in fact begun culinary training in Atlanta with hopes of beginning her own branch of the store.

And after sinking your teeth into one of the cupcakery’s creations—how can you blame them for wanting to spread the love? Be it coconut lime that coats your tongue or sweet chocolate truffle that makes you smile, the fact remains: you’re one swoon closer to believing that “organic” means “delicious” and that “delicious” doesn’t necessasrily mean “bad for you.”

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