by Debra on January 13, 2011

Musical pairing – Walking on Sunshine by Katrina & The Waves

If you saw this post then you’ll know how fortunate I am to have great blogging friends – especially blogging friends who live on the west coast in Southern California and who have Meyer lemon trees growing in their own yard . . . who then gleefully shared her good fortune by shipping boxes of Meyer lemons all over the country sprinkling Meyer lemon fairy dust over those of us covered in snow . . .

I will admit to this being the first time I’ve actually made any kind of curd and in fact, on the rare occasion I bake a cookie with lemon curd (which is usually during the holidays), I’ve always used store-bought . . . gasp! But somehow finding the time (especially during the holidays) to even bake cookies, I feel I am justified . . . seriously, I am not going to break out the cookware in the middle of the holiday season to whip up a batch of lemon curd when all I need is 1/2 cup total.  And I might add that there is some mighty fine ready-made lemon curd on the shelves these days, thank-you-very-much.

Meyer lemons are a precious commodity in these parts; very hard to come by in my local grocery store and on the rare occasion when I can score some? Quite expensive; so it’s usually one specific recipe for the season and I’m done with the Meyer lemons.

I really wanted to make something special with my box of lemons and decided that I could stretch my good fortune of lemony goodness well into the winter months if I made Meyer lemon curd . . . enjoy some now, a jar or two in February and then again in March when I’m ready to ditch the Indiana cold, pack my bags and move in with Kim and Barry in Southern Cal-ih-forn-eye-aye!

This lemon curd is good enough to eat straight from the jar . . . with a spoon . . . and then clean the sides of said jar with your finger . . . not that I have done that or anything . . .