by The Professor on December 20, 2010

Musical pairing – All I Want For Christmas Is You by Lady Antebellum

“Sometimes you just gotta have a Sticky Bun!”

Hi, this is The Professor, and those were the first words out of my mouth when we woke up Sunday morning.   Classes are over for the semester and my dearest Mrs. Smith Bites could use a little respite, right?  So, I’m guest posting on our blog to share with you an easy and delicious Sticky Bun recipe and give our “editor in chief” a break.

My Dad made Sticky Buns when I was a kid, with dough from a tube and lots of brown sugar and butter.  It was usually on the weekend while we watched cartoons.  Dad’s nickname was “Smitty”, and this was just one of many “Smitty Specials”.  So in homage to Dad, sometimes – I just gotta have a Sticky Bun!

With this Ina Garten recipe (you know, ‘2 sticks of butter’ Ina), you start by putting a heaping Tablespoon of the brown sugar and butter mixture in the bottom of each muffin tin cup and sprinkle some coarsely chopped pecans over the top.

And now here’s the messy part (and I managed to break a metal measuring cup too – see the cup with a missing handle in the photo above? Oops). Roll out some thawed puff pastry on a flour dusted area, brush on some melted butter, sprinkle on the brown sugar, cinnamon and raisins, and roll it all up like a jellyroll. (Good thing Mrs. Smith Bites was still in bed – shhhhh, don’t tell!)

Slice the roll into 6 equal sections and place each section on top of each butter/brown sugar/pecan layer.

Bake these puppies for about 30 minutes, but be sure put a cookie sheet with parchment under the muffin tin.  They tend to bubble over.  (I’m glad I didn’t miss that in the instructions, lest I get oven cleaning duty – LOL!)

When they come out of the oven, let them cool for about 5 minutes before inverting them onto a plate or parchment paper.  The gooey pecan sticky goodness will drip out and coat these little gems.  (Be very, very careful – the gooey part is still really hot and will burn if it lands on your unprotected skin.)  Let them cool completely, eat several – then make a toast to “Smitty” –  and to the love of a Sticky Bun.

Husbands/dads – you will be a super star if you make these Christmas morning – or any time of year for that matter; just make sure to clean up after yourself and you’ll score major brownie points – and the Mrs. just might save you the last sticky bun!