Smith Bites Thanksgiving Table Video 2009

by Debra on November 16, 2010

This was one of the most fun things we did last year for our Thanksgiving meal but it took a bit of planning so that we had all the pieces ready when it was time to for the big day. Watch closely . . . it’s as if our table is set before your eyes . . . magical!

If you’re interested in using some of these ideas, here’s some of what you’ll need and sourcing:

  1. Orange Tulips: most florists won’t have orange tulips this time of year so if you’re going to use them, you’ll need to order out about one week or more; if you’re really organized, you could also pot bulbs and force them or you could choose seasonal orange foliage like bittersweet.
  2. Candles: I burn candles year-round and most come in glass containers; when the scented candle is gone, I wash and store the container so I have several to use in masses on large table settings like this one – I think we had about 30 votives lit and it was breathtaking – there were lots of ‘ooohs and ahhhs’!  I mix sizes and textures but keep the candles limited to votives because I want to be able to see those sitting across from me and I want to lessen the chance of someone getting burned reaching across the top of a taller candle.  One last tip:  unscented candles only on your food table as scented candles interfere with the taste of your food!
  3. Cookies:  If using a bakery, you’ll need to place your orders early and probably freeze; I discovered that bakeries in my area, don’t sell pumpkin cookies after about the 10th of November. Some stop making them even earlier so plan accordingly.  Obviously, if you’re a baker, you’ll have no problem!!
  4. Salted Chocolate Caramels: Crate & Barrel for about $20 or pick up/make whatever chocolate you like
  5. Votive holders:  My own collection and then I filled in with holders from Crate & Barrel for about $1/each; bags of 50 votives are less than $5
  6. Ficus Tree: The Professor has had that tree for about 20 years and we always put it out on our deck during the summer months where it loves the heat and humidity, so it has grown quite large (it’s taller than me . . . which ain’t saying much!).  We have to winter it indoors so I thought it would be nice to add clear miniature Christmas tree lights – stunning!  Look around your house and see what might work – even a Christmas tree with just clear lights and no decorations is beautiful and helps set the tone for your space!

We planned dinner so that food was passed and then set off on a side buffet, leaving the table open giving a sense of spaciousness without feeling crowded by overflowing dishes – a great decision and one of the nicest Thanksgiving dinners we’ve ever hosted!  We loved it so much that we have a different color scheme and theme planned this year!

Stay tuned, next up – the perfect playlist for your holiday gathering!