by Debra on November 10, 2010

Hi everyone!  I’m thrilled to be helping out my dear friend Gwen of Bunkycooks, who is recovering from ankle surgery this week; now let me be clear that I’m not happy she needed surgery but am happy that she asked if I might help her out this week.  I’m such a fan of Bunkycooks and look forward to reading her posts – she makes some pretty fabulous recipes and I have to say, I was most impressed by the fact that she made her own birthday cake this year – ala ‘Cat In The Hat’ style – I want a Cat In The Hat cake for my birthday!

Gwen and I started our blogs about the same time last year and first became friends through Twitter; but what sealed the friendship is that her wonderful husband Roger, has family right here in the town The Professor and I live in – crazy small world we live in, no? We finally met this past September when Gwen help organize the Food Blog Forum event in Atlanta – she and Roger did a terrific job – now on to the post!

I love, no, make that LOVE caramel – deep golden amber, buttery, silky, melt-in-your-mouth rich caramel.  Pies, cakes, cupcakes, candy – doesn’t matter – if it has caramel in it, that’s always my first choice for something sweet; add a bit of chocolate and a pinch of salt and I’ve died and gone to heaven.  Fair warning: these are rich and decadent so if you don’t want to eat an entire batch yourself, you might want to make these when there are people around – people you love, because lemme tell you, these little chocolate-caramel bars will make you an instant rock star!   And really, how can you go wrong with a Martha Stewart recipe?
They are one of my favorite bar cookies evah! Head over to Bunkycooks for the recipe . . . oh and be sure to leave her a ‘get well’ comment or say something to make her laugh!!