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by Debra on October 4, 2010

Musical pairing –Nick of Time, Bonnie Raitt

Last fall, a friend of mine sent out a call on Facebook to see if anyone on her list would be interested in doing an ‘I-walk’ – an internet walk which meant that we each walk independently and then post our miles daily so that (a) we tracked our miles and (b) it gave us accountability as well as a platform to encourage one another. It was quite the experience and one in which I’ve made new friends, albeit, via the internet because the only person I really know is the person who put out the call.  I also managed to move my body more consistently than ever before – the challenge was to log in 60 miles in 4 weeks – and for someone who leads a pretty sedentary life, 60 miles seemed insurmountable but i wanted to at least give it try.  This wasn’t about losing weight or dropping a dress size (although i do need to lose some pounds) – for me, it was about moving my body.

The Professor was super supportive and walked with me every day; we also purchased a pedometer app for my phone and tracked a route from our home, down the street to a small cemetery (kinda ironic, donchuhthink?).   Then we determined how many laps I’d need to complete in order to reach the 1 mile marker.  My first time around a single lap, I was winded and ready to head home but I hung in there for another lap and had my first mile done; that first week I only completed 11 miles; but week two I completed 13.7 miles, and week three I completed 18 miles;  week four?  I completed 21.3 miles – for a grand total of . . . drum roll please . . . 65 MILES WALKED IN ONE MONTH!!!

As we cheered each other on, it was exciting to see everyone moving – some older, some younger and it didn’t matter if we posted 1 mile or 5 miles for the day – everyone was excited to be on this journey together and there was such great camaraderie!  I’m afraid I haven’t moved nearly as much lately but I’m committed to getting back into a routine that includes some sort of movement every day – tough to do when you’re a food blogger and in the kitchen most of the time, writing blog posts another part of the time and juggling work, family, home the rest of the time.

Oh, and for those of you who thought this post was about my age?  GOTCHA!

Buon appetito!