by Debra on August 23, 2010

Musical pairing – The Beat Goes On by Sonny & Cher

Our garden is beginning to wind down but we’re planning to try some cool weather plantings which we’ve never done before so that will be an interesting experiment.  Niece Avery has been dropped off for her first year at Indiana University in Bloomington; The Professor is back on campus for another year, the sun has changed positions, our days are shorter, nights longer and I hear the distinct sound of the crickets.

And if you’re lucky enough to still have beets in your garden, you can make this terrific salad from the August issue of Martha Stewart Living – aren’t the colors just glorious?!  I love the mix of golden and red beets but then to add fresh corn with little snips of basil, even better!  You truly do not need anything else other than to drizzle all of that late summer goodness with extra virgin olive oil, salt, pepper – eat!  Oh and be sure to have a chunk of bread standing by as you’ll want to sop up the juices at the bottom of the bowl!  Simple, fresh and delicious!

SMITH BITES NOTES: My beets were a bit bigger so they took about 10 minutes longer to cook; to peel, I let the beets cool about 10-15 minutes, then using paper towels, wipe away the outer layer of skin.  Cutting the top off and snipping the bottom makes this process much quicker and easier.  If you don’t use paper towels, be sure to wear gloves – beets stain!

Martha has suggested serving this as a side, which is absolutely fine – but we love beets and corn so much, we made the recipe and served as a main course salad with a nice chunk of fresh bread!